2017/2018 Class Schedule
Duet Lyrical 
 N/A Private JazzPrivate Hip-Hop
N/APrivate Tap
 Private Ballet Private Lyrical TBDTBD
  Private Lyrical
Private Jazz
 TBDTBD   Private Lyrical
 Beginner Tap Tots Ballet
 TBDIntermediate Tap
 5:30-6:00  Beginner Ballet Tots Tap
 Tots Ballet
Advanced Jazz
 Tots Ballet
 6:00-6:30 Beginner Jazz Tots Ballet
 Tots Cheer
 Advanced Tap
 Tots Tap
 6:30-7:00 Beginner LyricalTots Cheer
Beginner Cheer 
 Advanced Ballet
Beginner Tap
7:00-7:30  Intermediate LyricalBoys Hip-Hop
Beginner Ballet
 Beginner Ballet
 Beginner Jazz
 7:30-8:00  Intermediate Jazz Intermediate Ballet
 Beginner Hip-Hop
 Beginner Hip-Hop
Beginner Ballet
  8:00-8:30 Adult Tap
Advanced Lyrical
 Advanced Hip-Hop
 Intermediate Hip-Hop
 Private Lyrical
 8:30-9:00 Adult Jazz
Duet LyricalAdult BalletDuet Tap
N/ADuet Lyrical Adult Hip-HopTBD
9:30-10:00 N/ADuet Lyrical TBD  TBD TBD
 10:00-10:30N/A   TBD   TBD TBD  TBD

9:00-9:30 AM
9:30-10:00 AM
10:00-10:30 AM
10:30-11:00 AM
11:00-11:30 AM
11:30 AM-12:00 PM
12:00-12:30 PMTBD
12:30-1:00 PM
1:00-1:30 PMTBD
1:30-2:00 PM TBD

All class times are subject to change.
All dance classes are 30 min. To request a private or group class session for a block of time not listed in the schedule, contact Courtney Watt at or 330.673.5419.

Highlighted classes are at full capacity; no openings available.

Note: Tots classes are ideal for ages 3-4. Beginner classes are recommended for ages 5-8, Intermediate classes for ages 9-12, Advanced classes for ages 13-17 and Adult classes for ages 18 and up. Proper class placement will be determined by instructors.

Beginner Ballet
30 min classes
Ballet is considered the classical form of dance that provides a foundation for other styles of dance. Presented in a positive atmosphere that encourages self-discovery and confidence, children will be introduced to basic ballet terminology and body positions with barre work and center floor. 

Older Ballet
30 min classes
Offered to students with some background in the basics of ballet, our Older Ballet classes further dancers' understanding of ballet terminology and body positions, while focusing on proper technique, body alignment, flexibility and confidence. Carriage and use of upper torso/arms is emphasized, as well as overall control, poise, precision and grace. Instruction includes barre work,  center floor and progressions across the floor. 

30 min classes
An extension of ballet, Pointe demands consistent and solid ballet training paired with leg and core strength exercise. Available only to advanced students, our Pointe classes include barre exercises, center floor work and progressions across the floor.

30 min classes
Our Tap classes are offered for students of varying skill levels. Beginning students will be taught classic steps of Tap while learning how to perform movements with clear Tap sounds. Classes provide a foundation in rhythm, timing, coordination and tap terminology. More advanced classes are designed to refine Tap skills by introducing new and more challenging steps, patterns and rhythms, while emphasizing clarity and dynamics.

30 min classes
Energetic and fun, jazz dancing is a popular dance form that highlights a dancer's individual style and originality. Our classes focus on developing strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination, with a particular emphasis on musicality, dynamics and expressive performance.

30 min classes
Learn to dance like your favorite pop stars! Our high energy Hip-Hop class focuses on teaching rhythm, balance and body coordination with age-appropriate choreography using Hip-Hop techniques and combinations.

30 min classes
Lyrical dance combines the technical elements of Classical Ballet with the freedom and expressiveness of Jazz and Modern dance. Our Lyrical classes focus on developing creative expression where students are instructed to use their body movements to tell the story of a piece of music.

Cheer Dance 
30 min classes
In our Cheer Dance class, children are introduced to the basics of jazz dance with a focus on rhythm, flexibility, balance and body control. Pom-poms are used as props.

Adult Classes
30 min classes
These classes are for adults and teenagers who want to learn the basics of dancing or simply want to get moving again! Offered in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and other dance styles, the classes provide strength and balance training in a fun, stress-free environment.